Electrical  Earthing Solutions

We at Bright Solar, are makers of a full proof electrical earthing solution. Earthing solutions are necessary for all solar powered equipment that is in someway or another connected to an electricity grid. One surge of power, one circuit failure could lead to a disaster.

  • It is a common misconception that earthing systems are a high priority only if your area is exposed to stormy weather conditions or lightning, This is a myth.
  • Earthing solutions should be a part of your priority list when you are installing any form of solar energy machines whether lighting based or thermal based.
  • Bonding the earthing systems ensures that the current directly goes into the earth without interacting or arcing one another.

Electricity is similar to a double edged sword. On the one hand it powers our tools, machinery and appliances. On the other any fault in the electricity lines could lead to majorly dangerous situations. These situations could be catastrophic for man and property both. To avoid this danger a strong earthing solution is necessary.
In a normal earthing system all electrical wiring is bound together with a bare copper wire, which is buried into the earth. This ensures that if ever there is a surge of power the power will directly go into the earth. The earth is not a conductor of electricity. Therefore, the power will terminate in the earth and not harm anyone in the house or the electrical fittings and appliances. This same grounding needs to be done for solar powered equipment as well. All solar energy conductors and transmitters need an electrical earthing solution for the preservation of the machines as well for the safety of human lives. Our company offers the best electrical earthing solutions.
It is important to “bond” the electrical earthing of the solar energy to the electrical earthing of the conventional electricity system of the house. If you create two different earthing system then the risk is not completely eliminated. Our electrical earthing solutions take note of all these scientific factors. We make a comprehensive research document of the existing earthing system of your house, the solar equipment in the house and how much earthing will be necessary to cover up all the risks. We also calculate how deep the earthing needs to be for maximising the safety of the residents of the house.
Solar energy is the best source of renewable energy. It is freely available to everyone on earth. Its power can be harnessed into many different forms and utilised efficiently for many purposes. Our solar energy solutions offer a gamut of advantages for our customers including tax benefits and electricity cost savings. But our earthing solutions provides something far more valuable to our clients. It promises and guarantees safety of life and of the machinery. We make state of the art earthing solutions which are effective and low cost. They do not need maintenance and are built to survive for a very, very long period of time. We believe in a cleaner, greener environment and also a secure environment for every house that we work for!