Rooftop  Solar

At Bright Solar, we offer you a Rooftop Solar system solution. Generally, a rooftop in most houses is an empty barely used space. With a rooftop solar system, that empty space can actually be converted into a productive savings machine for the home.

  • A Rooftop Solar solution does not need a very large roof.
  • Even a small roof can accommodate the system and generate electricity.
  • A larger roof will be advantageous because it will guarantee a higher quantity of electricity generation.

A Rooftop Solar is a photovoltaic system, composed of silicon cells, glass panels, insulating surfaces, electricity converter and mounting equipment. Silicon cells are a non-metallic element. When the sunlight hits the silicon cells, the electrons of the silicon cells begin moving and create an electric current. This current is transmitted through wires. The current is a DC (Direct Current) and can also be converted to AC (Alternate Current) for home use, with the help of a converter.
The Indian government is a founder member of the Solar Alliance, a group of nations focussing on harnessing solar energy. The Indian government offers various tax incentives to solar energy investors. A Rooftop Solar system would also fall in this category of investment.
Rooftop Solar systems are a very good option in an urban landscape, as they do not need any extra space, or heavy investment. A Rooftop Solar solution is a long term investment, that rewards the owners with great returns for years to come.
We are a team of experts in creating state of the art Rooftop Solar systems. We take into account the weather conditions, the area of the roof, the slant of the roof and the customer’s budget for this particular project. We specialise in building customised Rooftop Solar solutions, that are a unique and perfect fit for our clients. Our aim is give our clients a clean, sustainable and uninterrupted source of energy, that can power their homes. Since solar energy is a 100% natural source of energy, it does not pollute or degrade the environment that we live in. It is a significant element of our pre existing ecosystem and supports the growth of the plant as well as animal kingdom. Harnessing solar energy through our Rooftop Solar solution could definitely be one of your greatest decisions as a supporter for Green and Clean Energy!