Solar  water Heater Solutions

Our solar water heater solutions are made for every house, whether large or small. We make water heaters to fit your needs perfectly on a low budget. Our water heaters derive their energy from the sun. They are solar powered and work well in areas with high exposure to the sun. Our country, being a tropical country is perfect for solar water heater modules.

  • A solar water heater is a cost efficient solution for all your hot bathing needs.
  • It is not dependent on your home’s electric grid for heating the water.
  • It does not cost a fortune every month to get a good, energizing bath.

A hot water bath, is how we begin and also sometimes how we want to end our day. A hot bath, not only cleanses your body but also allows your mind to relax and rejuvenate. Since, the invention of the electric geyser, mankind has enjoyed a hot water bath, but also seen it take a toll on the electricity bills of the household.
Solar water heaters are a part of the solar energy driven solutions that are being developed to harness the sun’s power. But water heaters are fundamentally different from solar lighting solutions. In the lighting solutions the aim is to convert solar energy into electricity. In the case of water heaters the aim is to convert the sunlight into heat for the water. Hence, solar water heaters don’t have solar panels, they have solar plates that absorb the light and transform it into heat. This heat is then sent to the collector tanks, where it heats the water inside. This technology is also called as “Solar Thermal Power”. Our water heaters are built from this technology.
Our solar water heaters work well all year round. They have a high storage capacity, which implies that if the sun is not visible due to weather conditions, the tank can still store and supply hot water for a couple of days. This feature proves especially useful during winters or cloudy, sunless days.
Solar water heaters are low maintenance and cost effective. They rarely breakdown and do not need to be serviced and take care of constantly, unlike other electrical appliances. Our solar water heater solutions cut down the electricity bills of our clients by a very high amount.
Solar energy is the most powerful renewable energy source the earth has seen. It has various uses and one of them is converting it into thermal power. The sun’s energy supply is unlimited and freely available for us. It is a clean and safe form of energy. It does not require you to spend high amounts of money. The Government of India supports and encourages the use of solar energy. There are various tax incentives available for investors of solar energy. Our planet needs conservation and one of the ways to conserve it, is to make the switch to a greener power source like the sun. It is pollution free unlike fossil fuels. It is an eco-friendly source of power that delivers high output and high ROI to the customer.